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Ivy Café

Clayton, STL

Ivy Café was an absolute delight. By day, they are a coffee house with fresh baked sourdough bread and light fare. By night, they transform into a wine bar, with no doubt delicious libations to wet your whistle. But let's talk day-time delights since that was the mission here.

You step into the space and are comforted by ivy green tiled walls. To the right is a beautiful wooden wall adorned with happy plants. Ahead of you lies the register and bustling kitchen. If you choose to dine in, you will be seated at a nearby table and given time to make your selections. The star of the show is their tartines. By definition a slice of bread topped with a savory or sweet topping, Ivy tartines do not disappoint. Their freshly baked bread is the perfect vessel and the menu offers a wide range of toppings. Whether it be beets, fire roasted tomatoes, strip steak, pan seared salmon, or vegan labneh, there is a tartine for every occasion.

I opted for The Kingsbury: fresh beets, goat cheese, pine nuts, & tossed baby greens. A classic and perfect choice. I accompanied my tartine with a crust-less dill and potato quiche which was served in the most adorable little ceramic dish. Truthfully, all of their dining ware was stunning and unique. Each dish was different, sturdy earthenware that gave it a quirky and unique charm.

The beverage options were not to be missed either. The lavender honey latte was a no brainer for me, as was the London fog. Yet, the list of libations had so many house made syrups and Italian sodas that it almost made it impossible to choose. Good news is, there was no bad choice.

The atmosphere, incredible tartines, and wide array of lattes made this destination worth the trip and is a solid staple for the area.

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