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Central West End, St Louis

We knew we were going to like this place based on the low lighting, relaxed seating, and choice cocktail menu. Not to mention Central West End is just a damn cute area for a night out with friends, a stroll with a date, or some tasty bites with your crew.

There truly is not a bad choice in regards to food, and plates are small which allows for more exploration. We had a zucchini + gruyere flatbread that I have tried to recreate because it was so elegantly simple. Chewy dough was shingled with zucchini and yellow squash, sprinkled delicately with melty cheese, and garnished with herby goodness. We also sampled a smoked salmon latke with honey truffle oil that did not disappoint. Salty and sweet compounded by the flavors of truffle is a pretty magical combination.

The Beets by J cocktail is a heavenly magenta color and garnished with an artful cucumber squiggle that is bound to delight! (Pictured top left - Gin, Beet Juice, Spicy Pepper Syrup, Lime, Cucumber)

Our only advice: Watch the clock! Nothing is more depressing than when you make your final selections, only to be told the kitchen is suddenly closed and you realize you won't be leaving fully satiated. Truly, I cursed our server for the torture and anguish this moment brought me. For a moment I was in a state! Fortunately, I could drown my sorrows in another expertly crafted, and well-garnished cocktail, which fondly lifted my spirits.

One of the other things that saved them was their cheeky decor and fantastically comical bathroom signage. Check out this Loo Review for the full scoop!

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