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Three Sixty

Stellar views of downtown St Louis atop the Hilton

This place has the views. It is swanky and in the heart of downtown and we wanted to go OUT! There are nights when you just get that itch. This time it was premeditated. We waited for a milestone so the mood would feel celebratory. We dressed to the nines, and strolled over to the Hilton near Ballpark Village.

It was right around sunset (no accident) but with enough of a lead on it that the rooftop wasn't crowded yet. The drinks were filled to the brim and pretty enough for a picture. After downing a few small plates, the sky began to put on a show, changing from moody blues to a symphony of glowing orange and pink creamsicle. By the time night was beginning to fall beyond the arch in the distance, the bar lit up as well as the undersides of the umbrellas creating a warm, jubilant atmosphere over the now buzzing space.

Check out this Loo Review! This place has a top-notch restroom setup you should not miss!

Small PSA:

Honestly, it is rare we come across a dish that is inedible. This broccoli rabe however was just that. Impossibly bitter and unbelievably stringy it was hard to get into your mouth and hard to get it down. It was rough. Unbelievably so.

We hate to talk bad about anything we eat but this fueled a passionate dislike for broccoli rabe and a debate over whether broccolini was worth a damn. Strong words were had. So it has to be mentioned.

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