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Midtown, STL

If you haven't been to the City Foundry yet, what are you doing with your life? Every time I pop in, there is a new business or restaurant waiting for me. On this particular occasion it was date night and we picked Puttshack - STL. This place is miniature golf like you have never seen it before with creative holes and a tech-infused experience that tracks your ball and your points as you play. This destination is perfect for dates, big groups, small groups, you name it! But the real hole in one was the food.

They boast a culinary journey of global flavors made in house with quality ingredients. The offerings range from sharables to flatbreads, salads, and sammies. I greatly appreciated that there were veggie, vegan and gluten free options, all clearly labeled on the menu so that anyone can indulge.

My partner and I opted for the buffalo chicken dip, pulled pork Korean BBQ bao buns, The Hill flatbread and the O.G. burger. Not a single disappointment can be found in that lineup. The buffalo chicken dip came out piping hot, with plenty of chips, and had the ideal level of spice/cheesiness. The bao buns were a perfect pairing with the dip to lend a little sweetness and the pork was expertly tender. The burger did not wow, but admittedly it was our safe bet; next time I would opt for Hatch Chile Cheeseburger or one of the chicken sandwiches for something more exciting. However, the best dish was hands down the Hill Flatbread. The best St. Louis pizza I've had to date as it was topped with toasted ravioli and drizzled with ranch. What more could you want?

The cocktails were as if I crafted them myself. A Hennessey Long Island? Dangerous and yet, exactly what I needed to get my swing just right. The Spiced Pinneapple Mezcal Marg was a mezcal I actually enjoyed but beware of the Jalapeno hellfire popsicle. That popsicle will NOT cool you down.

Puttshack is the perfect addition to the City Foundry. Come for the miniature golf fun, stay for the drinks and tasty plates. You can reserve your timeslot and table online and have 2 different golf courses to choose from. The only wrong choice is not dining in as well.

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