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Planters House

This place is a cocktail connoisseur's dream. With sky-high shelves stocked with more liquor than imaginable, the ingredient list is endless. The bartenders clearly had fun getting creative, especially with the drink names.

Our first round took us on a journey! The Imagination Library practically ordered itself! It was first on the list and a no brainer with part of the proceeds going to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. (The organization is a book gifting program that mails books to children from birth until they begin schooling around age 5!) It was also the perfect patio beverage. Refreshing by nature with lemon, herbed cranberry cordial, club soda and vodka, it went down easy.

The Drinkenstein sounded too weird to pass up! The menu listed a blend of clarified mezcal, milk, green chili vodka, hopped pineapple liqueur, black tea and lime. We had no idea how all the flavors would come together, but we were blown away by the end product. It had cold sake vibes, thanks to being served in an Asian-style ceramic vessel, with cherry blossom motif. The ingredients had us anticipating some heat and smokiness, but the drink was actually very smooth and almost had a creamy finish.

Don’t forget to peruse every menu. Beyond the specialty drinks are the house favorites, aperitif cocktails, and new classics.

However, the food menu is entirely lackluster. We really didn’t want anything, but we were feeling peckish and required a nosh to combat the alcohol and fatigue. The faux-ritos, although good, are a tiny $5 bag of Doritos. Entirely too expensive and completely unexciting. Nothing on a “snack” menu, in our mind, should be over $3. The food really seemed to lack a theme and left us a bit bamboozled.

The crab cakes were surprisingly really delicious. They tasted fresh, flavorful, and had just enough crisp to give them texture. It really would have benefited from a bed of greens from a plating standpoint, but the pickled onions were a nice touch.

The cheese plate was just sad. It’s just a shame. Although the cheeses were delectable and paired with a house made jam and tasty sun dried harissa that packed some heat, the plating was just dismal. For fifteen dollars it needs to have more variety, substance, and thought put into presentation. We live in the age of the elevated charcuterie board. You can’t slap some cheese on a plate and expect us to swoon.

I won’t even comment on the pickled vegetables.

This place is one of the best spots for drinks with an epic patio to boot, but save your appetite for a different resy. Wet your whistle and move on down the road!


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