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Morning Glory Diner

If you seek cozy, low-fuss diner vibes with friendly staff to boot, look no further. Morning Glory Diner on Cherokee Street oozes quirky breakfast charm.

You step into a long rectangular room with no more than 5 tables and counter seating. Not an ideal space for large groups, but true perfection for a solo brunch or intimate breakfast. The open kitchen lays before you, coaxing you in with food aromas and kitchen banter. The walls around you are adorned in STL pride and kitschy breakfast art. The true masterpiece hangs just above the kitchen and depicts an other-worldly landscape of pancake mountains, a sunnyside up sun, and sausage link trees. The "No Jerks" sign queues the positivity and friendly nature of the staff, as they tend to your every need.

My coffee cup was never empty.

They take the bottomless coffee to heart, which I believe to be the true definition of a diner. They also do all day breakfast, which is a must. And while the menu is not extensive, it is comprised of all the right things: eggs, bread, and potatoes. I dined on a spicy fried chicken boagie (essentially an egg, cheese, chicken sandwich) and boy was I delighted. The bread is Loafers, which is all to say it may be the best bread you ever taste and it pushes this sammy to a whole new level. This dish came with a side of the housemade sausage gravy and 2 hashbrowns. In addition to their boagie varieties, they also have a French toast bread pudding, (which is definitely at the top of my list to try next time), and some fun rotating specials. Finish off your meal with their homemade apple pie to round out the experience.

This little dinner fits in perfectly to the Cherokee St vibe and with such a friendly staff, it is certainly a great place for the community. One of my favorite parts of the experience is all the mismatched plates and mugs. Each item had its own character and charm, which is what I think draws so many people to Cherokee St in the first place. It emotes those powerful neighborhood vibes and an appreciation for old and upcycled things, both of which are hard to come by. I already can't wait to return.

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