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The midtown location boasts a bright-colored, fun-loving vibe with eclectic art and vintage charm. Its historic building showcases antique features like exposed brick, subway tile, and decorative tin ceiling that we loved. We rolled in early morning on a weekday, ordered quickly, and had our food in what felt like a matter of minutes.

The Benedict boasted two perfectly poached eggs and a generous portion of avocado atop slices of cornbread. The hollandaise was a bit on the plain side, but easily jazzed up with some hot sauce.

The breakfast potatoes were incredibly crispy and impressively diced into tiny, uniform cubes that were seasoned to perfection.

The Chakchouka was a delight to see on the menu. Not your typical breakfast offering, it is a great alternative to the traditional fare. Essentially it’s a herby tomato stew served with eggs and feta. This was a Tunisian-style version which we aren’t entirely familiar with its nuances. However, the sauce was a little too on the soupy side and some of the vegetables were undercooked. Perhaps looking back on it maybe this isn’t the dish to order early morning. Sounds like it could have benefited from simmering for a few more hours, but that should really be the chef’s call. If this can’t meet the morning rush, make it known on the menu.

The highlight was the super quirky local artist on display all over the walls. Her work was unique and colorful and fit the feel of the space flawlessly.

Definitely planning a return trip for cocktails and hopefully a seat on their patio.


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