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THC Ginger Lime Spritzer

To be honest, in true stoner fashion, I winged it. Based on a recipe from a good friend who has a superb cocktail track record and generally impressive knowledge in the kitchen, I recreated this treat from memory at home. It was delicious, refreshing, and not dangerously intoxicating.

I have remade it several times so I encourage you to experiment too. Always start small in regard to concentration. My first attempt was far too potent and not enjoyable in the slightest. Know your dose and proceed with caution.

2-3 Fresh ginger slices, crushed and muddled

1 Lime, juiced

1 oz Simple syrup

1 ml Cannabis Extract (start small)

Fill with carbonated water

Garnish with lime twists

Relax and enjoy the buzz. We say put it in a Collins or highball glass but you do you!

(Also good with vodka but beware of getting crossfaded!)


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