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The Bellwether

The perfect spot for brunch with friends, or a stop on the way to the Soulard Farmer's Market.

Bottomless mimosas are usually a no-brainer. We see them. We order them. We enjoy the heck out of 'em. But The Bellwether boasted a brunch cocktail menu that stopped us in our tracks. Though small, it was mighty, and we found ourselves deviating from the usual mimosa train in lieu of more adventurous options.

Adding to our mounting joy, there wasn't a bad plate that graced our table. The menu consisted of a few shortlists, but plenty of viable options filled the specialties section as well. Under the small plates, benedicts, and omelets were a couple of variations of each. Multiple vegetarian options in both the savory and sweet departments made it easy to convince ourselves we needed a blueberry waffle (with lemon curd, blueberry compote, and powdered sugar) for the table.

This place also has an adorable rooftop patio that is perfect for the warmer months and a chic interior we bet looks even better during evening hours. Two entirely valid excuses for a return trip!

Here we are looking festive for Mardi Gras in St Louis' Soulard neighborhood.
Your Buds before the Mardi Gras parade in Soulard, celebrating Melissa's birthday.

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