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Tanoshii Sushi

Andersonville, Chicago

Tasty sushi from a legendary chef
Sushi platter at Tanoshii in Andersonville (Chicago)

Sushi Mike is a bit of a legend. His photo graces the page of his website and everybody seems to know him. Behind the counter in Andersonville he is a staple and people come not only to eat but to socialize and drink with the chef.

We came pining for some fresh fish. After watching skyrocketing prices in the fish market force one of our favorite local spots to pivot away from sushi we were feeling deprived. This was a great experience to satisfy the craving. Although the space is small and rather unassuming, the food was on point. The presentation and some of the non-traditional flavors (we had a salmon roll that had a truffle honey that was delicious!) really knocked it out of the park.

The only regrets here were that we failed to notice this spot is BYOB! Do not forget to show up with booze if you are planning to imbibe.

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