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Truly a fantastic experience from start to finish thanks to amazing service and really delicious food this place is an easy must.

We were so bummed to learn there was a wait when we arrived but that was no surprise when we saw the size of the space. We put our name and number down and hoped their hostess was wrong about it being an hour. After a quick stop nearby on an errand, we parked arcross the street and waited. Counting each couple or group that exited, we bided our time. When it was approaching the hour mark I started to get nervous. Finally, someone came out to our car. They had tried to call but had gotten the number wrong! Thankfully, they knew how badly we needed this meal and hunted us down. Great service moment number 1!

Naturally, after waiting we were starving and proceeded to order multiple beverages, entrees, and dessert. Not a single thing was a disappointment. I had probably one of the most beautiful bagels with lox I have ever seen and a coffee creme brulee that I could not leave behind.

This place is big on housemade items like their bagels and breads. The staff was all so kind and friendly we would probably go back just to be treated like royalty. Bonus that the food is killer and the vibe is cute. Worth the wait!

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