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Hi-Pointe Drive-In

The downtown location is a blessing. Located right across the street from Sugarfire, one of their sister restaurants, they have some of the best burgers in the area. On multiple occasions, the man serving up my food has put a smile on my face and asked me about my experience in a touchingly genuine fashion.

The specialty shakes are almost too decadently rich for our blood, but increasingly hard to pass up due to epic flavor combinations like Chipotle Chocolate.

The décor in their restaurants is almost as good as the food. A stoner’s paradise, the McCausland location has the car from Good Burger, Adidas weed leaf apparel, and a collection of 420 related stickers around the register. Mannequins in bacon suits and alien-themed art make for an otherworldly experience. They also sell a lot of fun merch at the McCausland location in case you want to take something home to remember the experience. Frugal? They usually have free bumper stickers by the register.

For a burger joint, we are very impressed with their veggie and pescatarian friendly options. Impossible burgers, salmon BLTs, and portabella sammies are all mouth watering alternatives. Be sure to peep their Instagram for daily off-menu specialties that will have you drooling as well. They often partner with other local brands and eateries to make these inventive creations.

Sauce game strong should be their mantra. Downtown location has drawers full of ready to dip into delights. Bonus points for the efforts in sustainability like locally sourced items and compostable silverware.

The Fryer Festival is easily one of our favorite items. Fries, sweet potato tots and onion rings?!? Who could ask for more! Thanks for eliminating one hard decision from our day, because really who wants to choose.

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