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The Fountain on Locust

Updated: May 9, 2021

Handcrafted sodas and ice creams make this place a special treat you do not want to miss!

Fountain on Locust starts its charm on the sidewalk. Perched outside of the glass windows, sits a fountain lined with flowers in place of water. Blue neon light from the “Home of the Ice Cream Martini” sign cascades across the pavement, beckoning the passersby into the airy establishment. Once you enter through the double doors, you are transported back in time to the days of ice cream parlors.

A large bar lays directly ahead of the host stand, commanding the room. Booths line the expertly painted walls that drip with Art Deco, Gatsby excellence. Visions of champagne fountains dance before your eyes. The mural of celestial acrobats that mark the walls make this a somewhat surreal and timeless space. Though large and roomy, one can’t help but to feel at home at these tables, which makes The Fountain on Locust a great spot for any occasion or group.

It’s easy for many to find something palatable, since it has an all-American deli vibe with plenty of comfort foods like tasty soups, sandwiches, and salads. Though simple, they’ve found a way to bring great variety to their menu and complex flavors to your table. (Try the Polish Dill Pickle Soup. It will not disappoint!)

The cocktail list goes on for miles.

We love a location where the drink menu is longer than the food menu; it starts the night off on the right foot. They have the classics as well as some inventive additions. The menu is easily separated into digestible sections, so your head isn’t spinning with choices. (We appreciate a comprehensive smattering that knows how to avoid overwhelming a person.)

The staff at Fountain was perhaps one of the highlights of the evening. The server was polite, charismatic and attentive. With a large group of 7, plus a baby, the service could have gone sideways fast, but this place was stocked with true professionals. They saw us for what we were, true water guzzlers and kept the pitchers flowing. The server did not miss a beat with our orders, was quick to notify us of last call, and expertly split the check to our hearts desire.

Don’t forget to hit the restroom on your way out! (Photos in the Loo Review)

This unique facility features custom crafted, art deco stalls painted and fashioned from wood, charming chandeliers, and vintage art. My stall had a lovely reproduction of Louis Icart’s “Bubbles” featuring a blonde beauty and her Persian cat.

We already plan to return to soak up some time in their booths along the western side of the bar. Apparently they play some sort of radio comedy serial. We aren’t even sure what that means, but it sounds interesting and worth finding out!

The true star in this establishment, however, is martinis. Whether alcoholic, ice cream filled, or both, adults and children alike will leave satiated. Handcrafted sodas and ice creams make this place a special treat you do not want to miss. The prices are also exceptionally affordable here, especially for high caliber ingredients and items made from scratch. Going for a third cocktail was a no brainer. 😉


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