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Balkan Treat Box

Don’t miss this spot. Their textured wood-fired breads, colorful cabbage, and bright pops of sauce are eye-catching and will stop any foodie mid-scroll. Honestly, at first glance, we weren’t sure what we were looking at. All we knew was, it looked damn good.

The menu is dominated by wraps and flatbreads, but also offers pita-like sandwiches on somun (which was an exciting form of bread we weren’t familiar with until now!) and plenty of sides.

It seemed like there are almost as many vegetarian options as there is meat, and the menu features gluten-friendly items as well. Everything is clearly notated, making ordering with a dietary restriction a total breeze.

The sopska salad was a fresh medley of diced tomato, crunchy cucumber, and red pepper coated with a fine grating of feta which covered the pile of veggies with a generous dusting of white.

The pide was next level. This Turkish, wood-fired flatbread is a boat of flavor, loaded with ingredients, and accented by the slight char of the crust. (Check out the videos on their Instagram to see how much love is baked into these! Watching them make their somun is mesmerizing and a true art form.) Dotted with bright red globs of tangy red pepper sauce (Ajvar), thick creamy white cheese (Kajmak), and sprinkled with fresh green herbs; this dish is a delight to the eyes. A side of purple cabbage brings yet another pop of color to the plate and allows for the opportunity to coat the pide in even more greatness. The best part is that they offer beef, chicken, or vegetable options. More of a Plain Jane? They also have the ability to do cheese, vegetarian or even vegan (with plant-based meats also being on the menu).

Don’t forget dessert! The sutlija rice pudding is sprinkled with pistachios and rose petals and tastes even better than it looks.

Honestly, the service was over the top amazing. They were genuinely appreciative of our business and made sure we knew it. We took our food to go, but they ushered us to a table and served water while we waited.

We would go back (even if the food wasn’t amazing) just to be treated like royalty.

We took our order to go and had a picnic in Forest Park, but there was plenty of seating inside and out. Not to mention free parking in the back.

Not able to make it to their brick and mortar? They also have a food truck that can bring the best they have to offer to the masses.


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