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Updated: May 5, 2022

There was something about this restaurant. We knew immediately we were going to like it. It was on a corner, surrounded by some of the best restaurants St Louis has to offer. The décor looked cute and it had a patio. Pictures of the food and cocktails looked like they were right up our alley, but we kept missing our chance. We would call to make a reservation and they would be booked solid. A few times we tried popping by but they were full then too. So when we tried to make a reservation a month in advance (forgetting it was the weekend before Valentine's Day), we were shocked to see a slot open on Friday and jumped at the chance. Then we started to worry, was all the wait going to be worth the hype? Had we built this restaurant up in our minds too much?

Right off the bat the service was on point. The kind of friendly staff that makes you feel comfortable and not rushed. If you happen to lock eyes with one of the chefs in the kitchen, they smile, and they thank you for stopping in on your way out the door. Never overbearing or hovering, the waiters check in with you when they can sense you are ready and are eager to answer any questions or offer up advice. These people know what they are doing. Experts at curating a fantastic dining experience, they gently remind you what you ordered and highlight the unique characteristics as it's presented.

We never ate a single dish we weren't over the moon with and the evening was a smashing success, one after another, cocktail after cocktail. The sushi was fresh. Everything was garnished to perfection. It was heaven. One of the best meals, we have had the pleasure of enjoying and money very well-spent. Bravo!

Isaan Hamachi - candied garlic, thai kosho, coconut naam pla

Laarb - yai's spice, lamb tartare, candied peanuts

Shrimp Toast - mango sweet chili, LOAFER'S bread, cucumber salad

Chili Garlic Noodles - black garlic, mushrooms, chili oil

Crispy Tofu - fermented black bean, caramelized onion, chive salad

Madai Sashimi - shiro ponzu, sesame brittle, orange supreme

Don't forget to look at the loo. This one was a winner!

Hamachi - yellowtail

Tokujo Uni - sea urchin, Hokkaido JPN

Toro - fatty bluefin tuna

Kinmedai - goldeneye snapper

Masu - cherry ocean trout

Jasmine Rice Pudding - persimmon, dates, honey crumble

Q Hana's Ice Cream - Chai

Quiet Night Thought

rihaku" wandering poet junmai ginjo sake, pink peppercorn oleo, almond, cranberry, trakal,

cava, rosemary

Tea Trade

miso-infused hendricks gin, chamomile tea, blanc vermouth contratto bitter, emilio lustau "palo cortado" sherry, peychauds


milagro reposado tequila, lime, housemade spicy honey, lychee, peach bitters, tom yum lollipop

Kamado Toddy (served warm)

duckett golden rhum, chai tea, apple, butter, cinnamon

Plop Jai in Phuket

knob creek rye, persimmon, fino sherry, lemon, big o ginger liqueur, vanilla, aquafaba, coconut spice mix

Golden Tori

suntory toki whisky, ginger-date dram, st. george pear brandy, jerry thomas bitters, absinthe

Nectar of Agni

lime, pineapple, orange, orgeat, housemade spicy honey


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